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I’m a creative problem solver with a passion for people and with a mission to share their stories through beautiful and effective design.

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A bit about me...

Having opportunities to listen to, learn from, and share people’s stories throughout my time serving in two major design and marketing positions at my alma mater were some of the most transformative experiences of my life. Moreover, the Lord not only used those encounters to refine my soul but also to cultivate my interpersonal, leadership, and creative skill sets.

Over the past seven months I have been challenged to expand my capacities and learn to navigate more of the marketing realm at large, including practicing UI/UX design to re-build both of our business websites, as well as implementing a CRM—building out lists, web forms, and communication automations for email marketing.

I am now empowered to collaborate with team members to think up social media marketing strategy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, utilize the Story Brand framework, imagineer brand identities, develop landing pages via a CMS, implement a CRM, and to create clear, concise digital and print marketing pieces for any client that should come my way.

Furthermore, developing and implementing a live virtual concert for Pioneer Bible Translator’s Giving Tuesday campaign equipped me to communicate with and give clear direction to Christian artists and influencers, execute a major fundraising project entirely remote, and to raise $52,000 for Bible translation through a single social media campaign.

If you’d like to become further acquainted, feel free to email an inquiry or download my full resume below.

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